Digital Construction

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Digtal Construction Programme

Through the Digital Construction programme we are supporting 10 contractors and their project supply chains on live projects to develop and embed knowledge and capability around BIM and collaborative working. The programme comprises a series of structured modules to support project supply chains with understanding, implementing and delivering BIM and collaborative working in a live project environment. The programme encompasses: 

  • BIM and collaborative working diagnostic to provide a baseline maturity assessment
  • IM Fundamentals course to embed the basic knowledge and skills for project teams across the supply chain
  • BIM Practitioner programme to train key individuals to lead the project-level implementation of BIM and collaboration
  • Strategic Leadership Programme in Collaborative Working for BIM to train senior managers to drive company-level BIM implementation
  • Collaborative Working and Project Teams programme to support key professionals involved in project delivery to set up the Common Data Environment
  • Information Delivery programme to develop project-level information management processes
  • BIM, Technology and Collaborative Working to train professionals to deliver 4D, 5D and 6D outcomes
  • BIM and Lean programme to support the collaborative production and use of information for construction teams

Programme Stucture

The overall structure of the programme is illustrated below.