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Digital Construction Project Partners

National Federation of Builders 

The National Federation of Builders (NFB) is the construction industry’s longest established trade association and has grown in stature since its origins in the late 19th century. The federation represents companies involved in the building and construction industry in England and Wales.

Today, the NFB is a modern, proactive organisation that has steadily built up a reputation for sound judgement, high media profile, and a robust approach to protecting members’ interests.  The federation provides expert advice for members on legal, employment, financial services, taxation, procurement, health and safety, environmental, technical, training, and government funding issues.

Our vision is to help our members build prosperous businesses and create optimal conditions for the construction industry.

NFB Business & Skills 

NFB Business & Skills is the training and development arm of the NFB. Working with industry experts we have developed a wide ranging portfolio of sector specific training support to construction companies and their supply chains. Our position within the sector ensures that development of both our workshop based training and wider business improvement initiatives remain relevant to the challenges faced by those companies working in the sector today.

NFB Business & Skills is recognised for its development and delivery of medium to long term business improvement programmes and for its commitment to working with, and challenging, SMEs to go beyond compliance to achieve excellence. Our long history of working with the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) to secure funding to support these initiatives ensures that SMEs are able to continue competing at the highest level.

Project Five

Project Five is a unique team of people set on achieving a more sustainable and efficient construction sector to serve the needs of the built environment. Our people are experts in a broad range of fields and are bound by a shared vision to improve the construction sector. Whether it is the need to improve costs, delivery or environmental impact, our people are equipped with the knowledge, skills and experience to inspire change and deliver a better way of working.

Construction Industry Training Board (CITB)

CITB are the industry training board and a partner in the Sector Skills Council for the construction industry in England, Scotland and Wales. They work with industry to encourage training, which helps build a safe, professional and fully qualified workforce. The support and funding they provide helps companies to improve skills, increase their competitiveness and respond to challenges such as the low carbon agenda, reducing costs on site and recruiting the best talent for their sector.

CITB take a leadership role for the industry, addressing skills challenges through their CITB Strategic Plan.

Working in partnership with other bodies and agencies ensures that CITB lead and promote a world class innovative approach to developing a GB-wide workforce

Consign Construction Skills 

Consign is a broker of complete construction training skills solutions.  We help companies, large and small, to determine their construction training needs to meet their business objectives. Then we identify appropriate courses and sources of funding so that their requirements are met in the most practical and cost-effective manner.

Skyblue Research

Skyblue is an independent research and evaluation consultancy established in 2007 to help clients improve their impact practice. This means helping them through a process of ‘plan, do’ assess and review’ to more confidently understand what difference they wish to make, and then to communicate that impact with authority and authenticity. Using tools such as theories of change and logic models we work hard to define what might change for whom, how and when as a result of an intervention. We then advise on or deliver proportionate and effective evaluation plans to collect evidence that can help improve activity as it is happening, and / or create business cases for sustainability and investment. We deliver this service through a dedicated team of 10 professional market researchers and analysts, evaluators, accredited social return on investment practitioners, economists and organisational change consultants and business case specialists.